10 simple vehicle checks you can do at home

02 February 2022

Before heading out on your long weekend road trip, whether it’s to the beach, bush or bach, make sure your car is safe and ready to go.

Mike Perez, one of our very experienced Service Managers says: “There are some simple things that vehicle owners should check before heading off on a road trip.” Here are Mike’s top 10 tips:

1. Check your oil level, and top it up if it’s on the low side.

2. You won’t be getting far without your tyres, so make sure the pressure is correct.

3. Don’t forget your spare tyre – make sure it’s up to scratch and your fix kit is close at hand.

4. You can also check the tyre tread depth to avoid potential blowout.

5. With extra dust and pollen around during the summer, make sure your washer fluid is topped up for a clean and safe windscreen.

6. Temperatures can get extremely high both in and outside during summer, so check your coolant level to keep your vehicle cooling system working efficiently.

7. Keep your vision at 100% by checking and cleaning your wiper blades, and replacing them if necessary.

8. Are your lights and turn signal indicators working?

9. If applicable, check your tow bar connections / wiring / lights to ensure safe towing on the road.

10. Finally, inside your vehicle make sure your seatbelts are working and in good condition – keep your passengers safe!


Enjoy your long weekend, and stay safe on the roads. All of Armstrong’s nationwide network of dealerships can service any make and model of car to keep them in tip-top shape. Book your service online today.

Check your tyre pressure, tread and spare
Is your oil level correct?
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