Accelerate your Automotive Career in 2023!

22 December 2022

Vehicle Detailer Opportunities

The old saying goes that you must start somewhere, and we think your somewhere should be with Armstrong’s.
Getting started as a Vehicle Detailer with us is a great way to get your foot in the door and learn more about this exciting industry.

Round here, hard work and high performance don’t go unnoticed. So, once you have proven yourself as someone who is an excellent fit for us, we can start looking for the next opportunity for you. Whether moving into a technician apprenticeship or joining the sales team, we are committed to supporting our people and providing training and guidance to get you there.

We also encourage our new starters to be part of their own success story by being inquisitive, asking questions and seeking out opportunities. Even if you aren’t exactly sure what department you see yourself in, in the future, put yourself on your manager’s radar, and they will help guide you to ensure you are ready for the right opportunity when it presents itself.

Find what automotive career might suit you best:

Take off in sales
If you are car mad, have excellent communication and negotiation skills, and thrive in an environment where you deal with people from all walks of life, then getting into sales might be the right move for you. Our most successful salespeople are passionate about delivering exceptional customer service and are highly driven individuals.
Move into parts
Parts Departments are more like the back office of the workshop. Parts people are characterised by people who work hard, have incredibly great attention to detail and can work at pace. If you are a Parts Advisor, you will be taking orders from either our own Technicians or external customers, so strong communication skills are essential. Still, paying attention to all the details is critical to ensure accuracy and efficiency.
Explore being a technician
If you are the type of person who likes fixing things and using your hands, you might be suited to being a technician. Our best technicians are great problem solvers and, of course, have strong technical skills. The starting point is to take up an apprenticeship, which will see you paired up with an experienced technician to help you learn the ropes. A technician qualification takes three years, and once you have achieved that, you can begin to specialise by brand and grow your knowledge and seniority.

So many other opportunities
We run a full business here, with marketing, finance, payroll, and IT. So whatever area you might be keen to explore, we likely have opportunities over time.
Opportunity to grow your career in a positive work environment
We are passionate about promoting from within at Armstrong’s, and our managers always support our team members’ ambitions with on-the-job and distributor training. We believe a positive workplace creates a productive one.
A supportive HR team
Our team of dedicated HR and recruitment experts are committed to the development of our people. Whatever your experience and expertise, you will be given endless opportunities to grow within the incredibly diverse roles available across our nationwide network.
Accelerate your automotive careers. Get in touch with our team.
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