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Level up with the new Audi plug and play app

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02 May 2022

Level up.

Discover the Audi connect
plug and play app.


The Audi connect plug and play app is now available for Audi owners in New Zealand*. A smart connection is just a few taps away.

Turn your Audi into a connected car. View vehicle data in real-time, maximise your efficiency per trip, request service appointments, optimise your driving style, and have total peace of mind with a constant connection to Audi’s roadside assistance.

By simply syncing your smartphone via Bluetooth to the Audi connect plug and play app and connecting the Audi DataPlug in your car, you will have more information than ever at your fingertips.

Free for all New Zealand Audi owners
✓ Explore your vehicle data in real time
✓ Request service appointments
✓ Constant connection to Audi’s roadside assistance

Download the app and contact our service team via the Enquire Now form below to receive your complimentary Audi DataPlug.

*The Audi DataPlug is compatible with many Audi models from model year 2008 onwards.

The Audi plug and play app
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