Meet our Porsche Caretakers

01 September 2022

The greatest care down to the finest detail


Maximum technical performance for maximum driving pleasure – that is what Porsche Service is all about. That is why for over 70 years we have dedicated ourselves to continuous training and refining our repair and technical expertise. Because it’s about more than a sports car. It’s about that special feeling when you get behind the wheel of your Porsche.

Only our highly qualified employees can ensure that all the necessary work is carried out professionally and meticulously tailored specifically to your Porsche. There’s a good reason why nearly 70% of all Porsche cars are still on the road today.


The incredible engineering of Porsche vehicles require nothing less than dedicated, precise and professional maintenance for optimal safety and performance. And above all, tailored to our exact requirements.
Premium vehicles deserve premium protection. The Porsche Approved Warranty guarantees the quality for vehicles up to their 15th year and with a mileage not exceeding 200,000 km. The Porsche Approved Warranty is available for a duration of 12, 24 or 36 months and covers all components of your Porsche, except wear and tear parts, reliably protecting you from unexpected repair costs.
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